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Electrical, plumbing, HVAC or other contractor

One of the many reasons that knowledgeable customers select a Nortruck aluminum canopy instead of a lower-priced fiberglass or steel product is their capability to customize the canopy to their exact needs in terms of doors, drawers, etc. Often, contractors build their own wooden organizers in the back of their pickups or vans. These don’t always perform well and usually look sloppy. By using a Nortruck canopy, or their unique Ranger™ van interiors, and by adding optional drawers, shelves and custom roof racks these plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, or other service people can store and organize everything they need – and it lasts for years. Another advantage of a Nortruck slide-in canopy is that it's usually easy to transfer to another vehicle, whereas custom shelves are typically not cost-effective to re-use.

Consider this example: A contractor has a workbench in the back of his Nortruck canopy, likely mounted on a cargo-bed. On the bench, he has a vise so he can thread or saw pipe. In addition to having a handy workspace, he can haul hundreds of parts, fittings and equipment in the truck, alleviating the need to go back and forth for missing things. He has everything a contractor needs inside, plus a 6-foot ladder and a 16-foot extension ladder on the ladder racks on the roof.

Some other advantages of canopies mounted on pick-up trucks include easy access. You simply back the truck up at the jobsite and go in and out of the back doors. The crew won't need to unload all their supplies just to get that one thing lying underneath. Another benefit is having fewer damaged materials. When vehicles are crowded, tools and supplies are easily damaged. Further, Nortruck’s canopies all have attractive aerodynamic styling, which gives a contoured look and can save fuel. And of course, the back and sides of the truck provide prime real estate for advertising the company's logo and graphics.

The key to looking at the "up" side of upfitting is to evaluate where your real sore spots are in your fleet. Where are you losing materials the most? What’s causing damage or increasing job times? Simple adjustments right now may save you thousands of dollars later. To get started, you need to talk to Nortruck. Start by visiting their website at or e-mail or call 1-866-450-5355. Your finance people, your service staff and your customers will all be happy you did.