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director of marketing / Event Planners

The person in charge of Marketing has a big responsibility to oversee the company's marketing strategy and successfully establish a brand identity. This brand identity needs to be memorable and reinforced at every opportunity and be recognizable to the types of people the company most desires as customers.

  • How can you get your brand noticed? How do you rise above the noise? How can you differentiate your brand and make it memorable?

Have you ever thought about making an impact and reinforcing your branding message with a Nortruck grill?


“A grill, why? I sell accounting services or I make heavy equipment or I build homes, I’m not a food company or a caterer!”

Well consider this – what’s the value of a) doing something different, and b) getting noticed? So, for about the same price as full-page ad in the newspaper or a billboard, you can have a custom-made, high-quality stainless-steel trailer grill which you can take to charity events, golf tournaments, sporting events, block parties, etc. Everywhere you go people will see your brand and understand the quality your company promotes. And instead of only being noticed for a day or a month as is the case with an ad or billboard – your grill continues to impress for 10, 15 or even 20 years.

There’s also something inherently satisfying about the process of serving food to your fellow human beings. It’s very much seen as an act of “giving back” and when your grill is being used at your company events, at charity functions or just by your employees, people notice and respond to this most basic human gathering. Many of our customers have purchased two, three, five or more grills for all of their branch locations and we know that once they are being used regularly as part of your branding campaigns, the number of requests to use it always goes up!

We’ve been building these for the best companies for more than twenty years – may we build one for you? Call Nortruck at 1-866-450-5355 today.