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Nortruck is looking for dealers!

As our business continues to expand, Nortruck Manufacturing is looking for smart, well-connected companies that are interested in growth.

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Drilling, exploration, and EPC

Oil & gas contractors – whether you are focused on drilling, well services, engineering, etc. need reliable, long-lasting, easy access to tools and equipment in the field. The last thing you want is a lock or hinge that’s rusted or a flimsy, poor quality door that doesn’t close properly. Using Nortruck’s solid 1/8” aluminum construction, you can be confident that your valuable equipment will be secure, dry and protected from theft. Further, many of you have unique and specialized requirements – don’t change they way you want to operate, let us make a custom-manufactured canopy just for you. Make your work truck, work – with Nortruck.

Our decades of oil & gas experience will allow us to manufacture exactly what you need whether it’s a single tool canopy, the ‘perfect’ control cab or a fleet of 53’ chemical trailer or custom data vans. We speak your language, understand your needs and deliver what you need, just the way you need it.

To get started, call Nortruck. Start by visiting our website at or e-mail us at or call 1-866-450-5355. Your finance people, your service staff and your customers will all be happy you did.