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Truck Canopies & Toolsheds

The following scenarios may ring a bell:

  • our contractors are half way to the job and turn around because they forgot the cabling
  • Your equipment is scattered in so many places throughout the truck that finding the right tools takes precious time
  • Your shelves are rusty and the racks are heavy and cumbersome

According to design experts, truck canopies (also called toppers or truck caps) can help alleviate the above problems. They do this while reducing aerodynamic drag and improving your fuel economy. And, by providing a secure cover, you also save on product and equipment losses. Since your equipment stays dry, clean, and warm, you enjoy increased life and reduced wear and tear. Also, a Nortruck aluminum truck canopy typically outlasts two, three, or even four vehicles so you can easily transfer it from old to new - great investment protection. Finally, using a Nortruck canopy is the environmentally responsible choice. Why? Well, unlike fiberglass our aluminum products are completely recyclable, plus since they outlast our competition they will still be hard at work years after cheaper, flimsy units are taking up space in the landfill.

Nortruck canopies are made from 1/8" 5052 aluminum, unlike other, lighter-gauge products from our competitors. Engineered and improved over more than 25 years of experience, we can categorically state that these canopies are the best in the industry. Key customers such as the RCMP, Trican, TELUS, Alberta Agriculture, Nexen, Environment Canada, and TransCanada Pipelines rely on Nortruck to equip their fleets - some with hundreds of vehicles. These units are often required to provide service under challenging weather conditions, off-road environments and in emergency situations. No matter what the conditions, Nortruck canopies keep on delivering service for years and years. In fact, customers such as TELUS and Environment Canada report that they routinely get 15 to 20 years of useful working life from each and every Nortruck canopy - unbeatable value and investment protection. That's why we're the best in the industry. Another reason many customers select a Nortruck aluminum truck canopy instead of a lower-priced fiberglass or steel product is our capability to customize it to their exact needs in terms of doors, drawers, etc. As well medium to large-sized fleets select this product to create a standardized, professional image for their vehicles. Since 1983, Nortruck has been providing the highest quality truck canopies to hundreds of customers.

Truck Canopies and ToolshedsTruck Canopies and Toolsheds

Nortruck's truck canopies come in three different styles: half-back, full-back, and full-floor. In addition, we manufacture a larger style we call a toolshed. These share many components but offer different capacities and capabilities. It is important that the make, model, and year of the truck on which the unit is to be mounted are specified. The units are generally interchangeable between different makes and models once they have been fabricated albeit at the cost of some modification.

The "toolshed" is our top-of-the-line truck mounted canopy. This style of canopy is high enough to work inside, stores a large amount of equipment and inventory, is completely self-contained and is available in a wide style of configurations. It also features a checker plate aluminum floor that creates a complete "shell" which minimizes the amount of road dust in the interior.

comparison chart

Halfback Fullback Full floor Toolshed Truck Canopies and ToolshedsTruck Canopies and Toolsheds
Criteria Canopy Canopy Canopy
One year warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Factory Installation Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transferable to a new truck Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suported by truck's side rails Yes Yes, partially No No
Fully lockable and secure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tailgate Removed? No Optional Optional Yes
Amount of storage space Good Good Very Good Large
External side compartments Yes Yes Yes Optional
Rolling cargo bed option No Optional Optional No
Cab Height? Yes Yes Yes No
Ladder rack capacity Light Duty Light Duty Heavy Duty Heavy/Multiple
Mobile Office? No No No Yes
Generator No No No Optional
Work lights Optional Optional Optional Optional
Paint to match truck (exterior) OR Included Included Included Included
Powdercoat (interior and exterior) Included Included Included Included
Base Price $7,995 $9,490 $11,495 $9,995

For over twenty-five years, the toolshed has become the standard for telecommunications, construction, and heavy equipment companies in Western Canada. Far more versatile than a cargo van and using the all-wheel drive capabilities of modern vehicles, the toolshed-equipped light truck offers the best combination of secure storage, workspace, and transportation available anywhere.

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