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Nortruck is Proud to represent Supreme Corporation’s industry-leading KoldKing and SIGNATURE bodies

With nearly 25 years experience in manufacturing refrigerated bodies, Supreme Corporation engineers have designed a body that truly delivers on thermal efficiency and durability. From small to large - mid-temp to deep frozen - Supreme can build the right refrigerated truck.


Supreme’s foaming process utilizes a state-of-the-art horizontal heated wall press, resulting in walls and ceilings that are extremely straight with a foam density that is unparalleled in consistency. The end result is a refrigerated truck that keeps its insulating qualities longer and protects your cargo…year after year. The key is preventing the transfer of heat through the truck body. We achieve this by separating the Kold King’s exterior surfaces from the inside materials using frost breaks and thermal barriers. Simply put, the bridge between outside heat and your product is taken away.


Your refrigerated truck’s strength and durability are important. By using premium materials, combined with exact engineering and production processes, the KoldKing - Supreme's Refrigerated Truck stands up to the vigorous demands of multi-stop refrigerated delivery. The KoldKing is tough, starting with a strong 12-gauge galvannealed steel perimeter understructure, 3” heavy duty I-beam crossmembers, and welded gussets. This perimeter design provides the solid foundation needed in today’s refrigerated truck. Kold King's .90 inch thick seamless glass board interior liner is the thickest in the industry. That means punctures and tears are less likely in a KoldKing refrigerated truck than any other glass board lined body. Other features that make the Kold King the right choice include standard front and rear cast aluminum corners. Combine them with the extruded aluminum front vertical corner posts and you have a body that has all its corners covered! The rear frame is composed of 12-gauge galvannealed steel and a 10-gauge threshold. Front to back…ceiling to floor the Kold King is built strong!

The Supreme SIGNATURE Van Body

The Supreme SIGNATURE Van Body = Serious Durability for Serious Work

Supreme van body sets the industry benchmark! We provide the very best features on our SIGNATURE Body to make your work easier than ever. Here are just some of what the SIGNATURE Body has to offer:

When it comes to durability, we start from the ground up. Why? Because if your van body can easily stand up to tough job sites, harsh road conditions, heavy payloads, and more, then it's less likely that you'll need costly repairs over time. With that goal in mind, we've built every Signature Body around a robust steel frame substructure. So you can relax knowing you have the best protection against damage, no matter where the road may lead you.


Signature Steel Frame Substructure



Premium Roll-up Door

We all know the greatest threat to door longevity and appearance: water penetration. That's why the Signature Body door is equipped to combat the brutal effects of time, weather, and moisture.


LED Exterior Lights

Now standard on the Signature Van Body, LEDs draw less energy from the chassis and last for years, so you can save on maintenance and reduce downtime while working in a more environmentally friendly manner.


Sealed Wire Harness

Used by national leasing fleets for years, sealed wire harnesses are now standard and are designed to integrate with the LED lighting system. The result: a reduction in electrical repairs and maintenance.

Meet the strongest, most resilient van body on the road today: the Supreme SIGNATURE Body. With Supreme's SIGNATURE Body, we've taken some bold steps to surpass your expectations. We've turned "options" into standard features. Added strength to combat potential damage. Increased cubic payload so you can carry more and get your job done more efficiently. When it comes to van bodies, Nortruck and Supreme set the benchmark!